Ancon Logistics Park

Industry Overview

Logistics is the management of the flow of goods and other resources between the point of origin and he point of consumption in order to meet the requirements of consumers. Logistics involves the integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, materialhandling and packaging.

Logistics industry and ware-house requirement in India is observing a massive growth in the past years. Despite the growth, Logistics cost in India today accounts for 13-14% of the Gross Domestic Product(GDP), which is substantially greater than the logistics cost to GDP ratio (8-10%) in developed countries. Below chart shows the growth of warehousing in different cities by leased warehousing space market of all sectors, including manufacturing in India.

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The development of Logistics Parks is expected to increase the efficiency of logistics industry. Various governments have shown keen interest in development of Logistics Parks by providing policy documents and incentives for development of logistics park. The logistics sector has earned the Infrastructure status in 2017, when its market size was estimated round 150 billion USD. Logistics market is seen growing at a CAGR of around 10% per year to reach 215 billion USD by 2020. Employment generation is expected to be around 40 million by 2020.

The logistics industry faces challenges due to fragmented warehouses, lack of proper material handling infrastructure and ability to adapt to technology up-gradation.

The factors contributing to the growth of the logistics sector in India include, Government initiatives to promote the sector, booming e-commerce market, implementation of GST, focus on manufacturing etc.,

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Logistics Parks

A Logistic Park is a facility that provides a comprehensive eco-system for efficient supply chain management. Logistics defines the process of freight movement, storage and distribution from manufacturer to end user.  An efficient system should cater to all players involved in the process including Trucks, Truck Drivers, Inventory Owners, Warehouse managers, and the ancillary agencies like 3PL operators, booking agents etc.

A Logistics park consists of Warehousing, Truck Parking, and related amenities. The focus is on easy access from highways and quick turn around (In and Out) times. It provides ample truck parking with secured boundaries and 24/7 surveillance. Drivers are provided with amenities like dormitory, restaurant, Clinic and an automobile repair center.

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The facility is supported by a weigh bridge and a fuel station in some cases as per scale. It also includes Co-located work space for 3PL operators, Freight booking agents, statutory authorities etc.

The logistics parks act as In-land ports and regional distribution centers.

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Warehouse with fire safety in Hyderabad


Ancon is proud to be a part of the dynamic vision of Telangana Government in creating a string of logistics parks around Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority has planned the logistic parks for de-congestion if freight traffic coming into the city. The parks are designed along the Outer Ring Road so that heavy trucks can unload goods outside the city and smaller vehicles can distribute the same into the city as required. The logistic parks also support the industry in the region by providing world-class storage and handling facility to distribute their goods.

This joint venture between Ancon and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development authority is a first of a kind project in the country in public-private partnership.

Ancon Logistics Park-Facility

Ancon logistics Park is a a comprehensive eco-system, with Grade A warehousing and truck parking.
Our warehouses are designed with easy access from highways and secured boundaries under 24/7 surveillance.

Loading docks are provided on all sides to facilitate cross docking and quick turn around of trucks. We have fire protection systems and 100% power with back-up.

The facility includes a Dormitory for truck drivers with a restaurant and a clinic. There is an automobile repair center, weigh bridge and a fuel station to support the operations.

Ancon logistics park is a self sufficient eco-system for freight handling and storage.

Logistics park with truck parking